Portraits 35mm/120mm/Digital


I have held a fascination with faces for many years. I always feel honoured to capture people’s vibrance.

I enjoy creating a vintage aesthetic through the use of natural lighting, and carefully chosen locations.

The inspiration originates from classic painters such as Modigliani and Waterhouse.


Victoria 35mm


Victoria, BC is my hometown. Whenever I’m there, I document the city I grew up with.

I often go out in the evening around golden hour, taking advantage of the sunlight as it illuminates people and buildings.

As the cityscape of Victoria is continuously altered by construction and gentrification, these photographs immortalize old city landmarks before some disappear forever.

Vancouver 35mm


The most intriguing parts of Vancouver are the locations not noticed by the tourists. Tucked away from view are less appreciated photo opportunities.

Although the outline of the city has been altered drastically over time, there are still remnants of its heritage past.

One really needs to explore and wait for the right moment before snapping. If you know what to look for, it will come to you. This is made more interesting by Vancouver’s unpredictable weather.